If you are considering joining ACG, you may find the following questions and answers of interest. If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@ashlandcommunitygardens.org.

Are there conditions for membership, such as residence, dues, and agreements?

Yes, there are. Individuals who gardened with us the previous season will be offered the opportunity to continue in the same garden bed for the upcoming season. ACG is open to Ashland residents only. A nominal fee of $30, which includes use of a garden bed, soil, fertilizer and water, is required. Gardeners must agree to use organic additives and pesticides, must plant by a certain date, and keep their bed well-maintained. We jointly share our herbal garden, a rhubarb bed, a horseradish and onion bed, a Certified Monarch Waystation, and all the tools and amendments in the shed. See the application and agreement form for full details.

Can flowers be planted?

The garden beds should be used mainly for vegetables and herbs; however, some flowers, which do not self-seed, like morning glories, are permitted

How will gardeners be kept informed of garden news? Gardeners can look for news and announcements on the kiosk, which is mounted inside the garden fence, in their email, on our Facebook page and on this website.

Are gardeners required to participate in running the garden?
Yes, all gardeners are required to volunteer time in running the garden. Each season, volunteers from the membership are asked to participate in preparing and cleaning garden beds, maintaining the common areas, mentoring inexperienced gardeners, watering for vacationing neighbors, and removing recyclables and trash. As a group, we also grow vegetables in a double size bed for the Ashland Food Pantry and contribute vegetables from individual beds to the Pantry.

When someone leaves a garden bed, how will the next gardener be chosen? The next individual on our waitlist will be given the opportunity to take over the garden bed.

When is water turned on?

The Garden Coordinators arrange with the Town to have water turned on and off. They will notify gardeners when it is on in the spring and when it is shut off in the fall. Part of the seasonal fee goes to paying our water bill to the Town.

What will happen if there is a water ban in town?

The community garden must comply with the rules and regulations for outdoor watering. Because we are growing food, ACG has been given an exemption from Town-wide water bans. (If a water ban is enforced, gardeners will be notified to water only between 7:00 pm to 7:00 am on the applicable days of the week when watering is allowed. During a Phase 2 water ban, when all outdoor watering is banned, the community garden will need to comply.)

How will maintenance (weeding and mowing) be handled both inside garden beds and in common areas (along fences, in flower beds, and in sitting areas)?

Each community garden member will be responsible for weeding within and around his/her garden bed as identified in the Gardener’s Agreement. The Town will maintain the grass outside the fence limits but will not maintain any grassy area within the fence limits. Volunteers from the garden will be responsible for maintaining common areas.

Will there be a set of written rules which gardeners are expected to uphold? If so, how will they be enforced?

A set of rules (“Gardener’s Agreement”) is provided as part of the application form and distributed to each community garden member. Each member will be required to sign their acknowledgement of the rules as a condition of their membership. The Coordinators will be responsible for enforcing the rules and can remove offending parties from participating if necessary.

What can we do with cut vegetation while cleaning or gardening at the site?

Gardeners should place clean, non-diseased vegetation in the designated compost pile. Gardeners should remove diseased plants from the garden entirely.

What do gardeners do with trash they generate from seed packets, flower pots, bags, and so forth while they are at the garden?
All gardeners must carry out all trash.

Who should I contact if I have questions/comments or need information?

In a non-emergency, if you have questions, suggestions or need information, contact the Coordinators at info@ashlandcommunitygardens.org. In an emergency, contact the number posted on the entrance fence or call 911.