About ACG

Ashland Community Gardens at Stone Park was built as part of a grassroots effort in the spring of 2009.

The idea was conceived and developed in late 2008 by members of the civic group, We Love Ashland. The following spring, the group held public meetings where more than 70 people attended and showed interest in community gardening in Ashland.

Folks young and old, from all parts of town, came together to pull sod, cut and fasten boards, shovel and haul compost, and hand-pull poison ivy. They brought their hoes, picks, racks, spades, wheelbarrows, circular saws, and passion for gardening and community. They shared their gardening stories, remembering their grandparents’ garden and the great-tasting tomatoes; some said they didn’t know many people in town and wanted a community; others didn’t want to garden at all but were thrilled to help build garden beds for others.

It is thanks to many talented, hard-working residents and supporters that the garden came together. Today, the Stone Park garden is a living, vibrant space.